Program in Epithelial Biology In the Department of Dermatology

Schedule and Topic of Presentations 2005-06

September 30 Yuji Yamaguchi (NCI) "Mesenchymal-epithelial interactions in the skin"
October 7 Gerard Evan (UCSF)  
October 14 Ellen A. Lumpkin, PhD (FellowDept. of Physiology UCSF) "Probing mechanotransduction by Merkel cell-neurite complexes"
October 21    
October 28 Matthias Hebrok, PhD (Associate Professor, Diabetes Center, Department of Medicine, UCSF)  
November 4 Marina Shoffer (Oro Lab) "Role of Missing in Metastasis in Regulating Hedgehog Signaling”
November 11 Pao-tien Chuang , (Assistant Professor in Residence, Cardiovascular Research Inst UCSF) "Hedgehog signaling in vertebrate development"
November 18 Boris C. Bastian, (Associate Professor, Departments of Dermatology and Pathology UCSF) – "Distinct mutation patterns in melanoma: Implications for the role of UV light, prevention, and therapy"
December 2 Sarah Aaron, MD, PhD (UCSF) “Thymic output and T-cell dynamics in simian immunodeficiency virus infection"
December 9 Or Gazani (Biological Sciences)  
December 16 Robin Kimmel (Khavari Lab) "Calcium homeostasis in epidermal differentiation and tumorigensis"
December 23 HOLIDAY NO Seminar
December 30 HOLIDAY NO Seminar
January 6 Alan Russell, PhD (Cytokinetics)  
January 13 Mark Kay (Pediatrics)  
January 20 Adam Adler (Chang Lab) “Genetic regulators of large-scale transcriptional signatures in cancer”
January 27 Jing Gao (Marinkovich Lab) “Laminin-10 in hair development”
February 3 John Rinn (Chang Lab) "Epigenetic Regulation of the Human Flox Loci"
February 10 Jill Helms (Developmental Biology )  
February 17 Kimberly Mace (Fellow Department of Surgery, UCSF)  
February 24 Zurab Siprashvili (Khavari Lab) "New Molecular Therapeutics Approaches"
March 3 Steve Artandi (Hematology) “Telomerase and epidermal stem cells”
March 10 Dean Felsher (Medicine/Oncology) “Molecular and Cellular Basis of Oncogene Addiction”
March 17 Jason Reuter (Khavari Lab) “Mediators of Neoplastic Invasion"
March 24 Ivette Estay (Oro Lab) "Protosomal Control of Hedgehog Signaling"
March 31 Jacob Chudnovsky (Khavari Lab) “Signaling Regulators in Carcinogenesis"
April 7 Janet Jin (Oro Lab) “Genetic Analysis of Missing in Metastasis Regulating Cytoskeletal Remodeling"
April 14 Mark Tran (Marinkovich Lab) “Laminin-5 G45 domain-syndecan interactions in SCC"
April 21 Florence Scholl (Khavari Lab) "Mek Kinases in Epidermal Growth and Differentiation”
April 28 Laura Attardi (Radiation Oncology and Genetics) “Characterization of the Desmosomal Protein Perp”
May 12 Garry Nolan (Baxter Lab for Genetic Pharmacology) "PhosphoProteins and the Deeper Correlations: Multiparameter correlation biochemistry in clinical samples"
May 19 Susana Ortiz-Urda (Khavari Lab) "Molecular Targets in Cancer Therapy"
May 26 Amy Adams (Khavari Lab) ) “Genetics of melanoma"
June 2 Neng Chen (Marinkovich Lab) “Laminin gamma 2 chain and processsing in epidermal migration and invasion”
June 9 Todd Ridky (Khavari Lab) “Epidermal Neoplasia”
June16 Erik Huntzicker (Oro Lab) “Protosomal Control of Hedgehog Signaling”
June 23 John Garcia (Khavari Lab) “Collagen VII in Epidermal Neoplasia”
June 30 Mindy Hebert (Oro Lab) “Non-cell Autonomous Regulation of Hedgehog Signaling”


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